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Pet Weddings, Funerals & Memorials

Having an animal companion in your home becomes part of that family, no matter what the event I will design a ceremony to honour that special occasion .

'Til bark do us part!

For many people that animal becomes a part of your family and you want to celebrate that relationship with friends, family and the community

Pet Funerals and Memorials:


Losing a pet can be as devastating - our pets are our companions, our confidants, our protector and in many cases our dearest friend.


A pet who eagerly greets you at the end of your day, who runs to you every time you call (sometimes!), who does not judge or make comparisons and has a unique way of affecting your emotions.


Having animals, I understand the love between a person and your pet, which is why I offer a funeral

or memorial service that is created with care, love and concern.

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